How to Install CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver

Published: 20th June 2011
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By default Windows contains generic driver for CANON CANOSCAN N1240U. However, the generic driver cannot support all of the features of the hardware. Therefore, you have to install a special driver so that Windows can use those advanced features of the hardware. There are two ways to install a driver. CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver can be installed through setup or manually. And this article will show you how to install CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver manually.

Steps to install CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver manually

1. Click on the Start button in the right hand corner of your desktop to find the Control Panel menu. Double click the System icon and find the Hardware tab, then click on the box which says Device Manager. While in the Device Manager, you need to click on the plus arrow next to the category which CANON CANOSCAN N1240U belongs to. Right click on CANON CANOSCAN N1240U and choose properties at the list of options. Click on the Driver tab in the top of the properties windows and then click on the Update Driver button.

2. A screen will pop up and the hardware update wizard will help you to install CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver. Select "install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and then click the next button.

3. Select "Donít search. I will choose the driver to install." And press the next button. A new screen with a list of compatible hardware may come up, and you should select "Have DiskÖ" and then click on the browse button to location where CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver files reside.

4. Once you are navigated to the folder where you keep the latest CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver, select the inf file and press the open button. Then press the ok button. You will see a list of compatible hardware, just select the CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver and press the next button. The wizard will now install the updated driver for CANON CANOSCAN N1240U. When it is done, press the finish button.

5. After the CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver installation is complete, a reboot might be required for the device to work properly.

The above instructions are help you to install CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver manually, if you want a simple and effective method to install the driver, you should download software which will assist you in CANON CANOSCAN N1240U driver installation. Driver Checker will scan your system to find out outdated, incompatible or corrupted drivers, download the latest versions of drivers and install them for your system automatically. This software saves your time and keeps CANON CANOSCAN N1240U always in a good status.

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